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Automatic Dual Retractable Dog Leash

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360-Degree Rotation

This product offers 360-degree rotation, providing your dog with more freedom and mobility. Your dog can comfortably move around and enjoy pleasant walks with you.


Comfortable Walks for Your Dogs

 The 360 Degree Dog Leash is designed to ensure comfortable walks for your dogs. Its free rotation capability allows your dog to have a more natural walking experience without pulling against you.



Built-in Flashlight and Waste Bag Dispenser

 This product provides extra convenience with its built-in flashlight and waste bag dispenser. The flashlight enhances your visibility during nighttime walks, and the waste bag dispenser allows you to contribute to keeping the environment clean.


The 360 Degree Dog Leash stands out with its features that enhance your dog's freedom of movement. Your dog can roam comfortably and enjoy pleasant walks with you. The built-in flashlight and waste bag dispenser offer added convenience, increasing visibility during nighttime walks and promoting environmental cleanliness.